We provide

Door to door awareness kit


Composting workshop with kids

Door to door awareness

We promote source segregation through group sessions.

We also provide onsite waste management services for wet and dry waste.

Management of waste in terrace

Dry waste management on terrace

Zero waste zone in Commercial places

We work with educational institutes towards making them a Zero Waste Institute.

Waste Audit in School

Vermicomposting in School

Best out of waste:
Dustbins made by students

2 way segregation in classroom




Multilayered Plastic Collection Drive in School

Bholenath Temple is a zero waste temple since 2016, composting all the flower waste and sending any dry waste for recycling.

Nirmalya from temple


Nirmalya Composting


Milk pouches from temple

A Zero Waste Mahashivratri is celebrated in “Bholenath Temple, Beauty Complex, Khopat, Thane since 2016

Mava distributed in old age home


Volunteers of Zero waste Mahashivratri event


Children volunteering to save milk


Mava made from saved milk

Adopted 75 slum dwellers from Azad Nagar, Thane, for one year.

Daily Door to door Collection of wet / dry waste was provided by 2 Swach sevaks

Door to door awareness in slums


Door to door awareness kit

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