We will analyse your waste generation, devise a customised waste management plan, and implement it at your premises.

To know more on end to end waste management for :

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Residential waste management

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Commercial waste management

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Educational institute waste management

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Temple waste management

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Slum waste management

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Zero waste events


Learn to become responsible about waste through following interactive workshops.

Conducted for Educational institution, Corporate office ,Commerical setup and Residential complex.

kNOw Your Plastic:

learn the benefits and harmful effects of different plastics used by us in our day to day life.

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Sustainable Menstrual Practice

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Slash the Trash:

How to conduct a Zero Waste Event.

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Learn to prepare a chemical free cleaner.

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Create wealth from waste.

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Biomedical Waste Management:

Training for Healthcare staff on Biomedical Waste Management.

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Manage Your e-waste:

Understanding how to dispose ewaste responsibly.

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Learning tools : Handbooks, Manuals, Posters

Manual for Zero Waste
Educational Institutes


Slash the Trash:
Manual for holding Zero Waste Event


Manual for BMW
Training in Healthcare Facility.


Track Your Family.


Equipments: Bio composting unit- Bhoomi Butti

  • Shredder for Wet Waste
  • Model :
  • Power connection: 2HP
  • Batch size : 20KG
  • Batch time : 5mnt

Currying system:
Unit with racks to place trays.

Stainless steel bin to help
composting process.

Chakachak Bioenzyme- A Floor Cleaner

Chakachak Bioenzyme- Product Specifications:

A natural floor cleaner made by fermenting citrus peels, jaggery and water.
It’s tested by laboratory for its efficiency as floor cleaner.
We market the product as “ Chakachak and is available for purchase at our organisation in 1l and 5l bottles respectively.

Compost Product Specifications:

Wet waste from our office building is made into compost
The product is sold in small packets

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