Founded in the year 2016, NGO RNisarg Foundation focuses on improving civic issues of the city through citizen engagement.

Citizen engagement is brought by:

Self Awareness

Self Discipline

Self Participation

Mission : To build sustainable cities.

Vision : To bring in joy of living for every being.

Problem Statement

According to United Nation report, by 2030, urban population of developing countries will double. 90% of which will be in Asia and Africa.
Cities are already struggling with poor air and water quality indices,waste disposal and crumbling infrastructure. Further increase in population will exacerbate the same. Making cities sustainable is essential to save them from environmental threats.

  • Learn to manage waste responsibly everywhere.
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  • Smile - Road Safety Campaign.
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  • A city wide campaign through educational institution for waste management and road safety.
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  • Biomedical Waste Management
  • Safe Healthcare practice for healthcare providers
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  • A Handmade paper recycling project.
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  • Sustainable Menstrual Practices.
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  • An environmental education field trip
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  • Safe pharmaceutical waste management
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Citizens Impacted
Awareness Sessions
Waste Diverted from landfills
Road Adopted
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